Arctic Spas Spa Boy

Exclusive to Arctic Spas

Health Canada PMRA Registration number: 32253

How does it work? A small amount of salt is dissolved in the water. The system converts the salt into sanitizer. A sensor measures the water chemistry and adjusts the level automatically. You do nothing! The water quality is displayed on your phone or computer. The pH is also displayed, and it tells you if you need to adjust it. Easy.

What are the benefits? Much less time and money are needed to maintain the water. Fewer water changes are needed. The water feels soft on the skin. And it is calibrated to a low level of sanitizer so you are soaking in a very low level of sanitizer, just enough to keep the water safe and clear.

What does it cost? The current price in Prince George is $1500. The regular price is $3000 but it is on sale right now. *The sale price can change without notice, and other locations may sell for more, or less.

Do other companies have this? A few hot tub companies offer salt systems but none (as far as we know) use a sensor to automate the sanitizer production. They use a timer and test strips. Good, but still a few more steps. And, you must remember to adjust the timer if usage changes.

Here at Arctic Spas in Prince George we actually have 3 types of salt system to choose from. Call or stop by to learn all about them. 



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