Arctic Spas® Features

Some Background About The Arctic Spas® Brand

You might be surprised that Arctic Spas®, known for world- class and cutting edge design are conceived and built in the small prairie town of Thorsby, Alberta, Canada located just outside of Edmonton.

A small town like Thorsby stands for all that makes an Arctic Spas® so exceptional: a personal commitment to all we do, the integrity and hard work with which each spa is built, and above all, the ceaseless investment in our customers’ satisfaction. At Arctic Spas® we work hard every day to offer a spa that surpasses what the rest of the industry has to offer with regards to longevity, efficiency, reliability and innovation.

We believe if you ask around, you will hear we’re a company built on small town principals with an eye to leading our industry worldwide.

Surrounded by Inspiration

Canada is a majestic land of unending geographic beauty and variety. Our spas cannot help but to be influenced by our surroundings – from our luxurious western red cedar cabinet, to our patented FreeHeat Insulation system, to the world leading Onzen salt water system, we have looked to the perfection of nature that surrounds us. Nature. Simply. Perfect. 

The Best Dealer Network

All authorized Arctic Spas® dealers are required to maintain a minimum standard in on-going online training for both customer relations and product service.

Hand Built meets High Tech

A trip down the production floor at an Arctic Spas® production facility showcases the best of both worlds.

Precision cutting water-jet robots work methodically in our shell construction area while craftsmen hand-assemble our beautiful western red cedar cabinets before these components meet in a blending of technology and touch that makes an Arctic Spas® so unique, and the most prized possession in your backyard.